Is your site online now, loading fast & malware free?

- It should be... Why wouldn't it be... I guess it is... It was 10 minutes ago...

Those are not answers! Stop guessing & losing money!

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How can SmartMonitor help you?

It's like having a perfect guard dog. A one that never sleeps & never barks at the mailman; but goes mental the very second a stranger comes by

Downtimes are something every webmaster has to account for; they are inevitable. Being prepared is what makes a webmaster smart, and one of the steps in being prepared is getting notified. That's what SmartMonitor does - it notifies you the second something goes wrong with your site via email, SMS or mobile push notification. If the server is down, domain stolen, site infected by malware, hostile content inserted - it will let you know! It's impossible to keep an eye on everything every single second of the day - let SmartMonitor do that!

Never again will you have to open a site just to check that it's online. If you didn't get a notification from SmartMonitor - it's online! You can rest assured when something strange happens you'll get an email, SMS or a push notification.

See what SmartMonitor keeps an eye on

Get notified the second something goes wrong!

It may just be the server acting up for a second, but it may also be someone stealing your domain

WHOIS records 1

WHOIS records

Domains can be worth millions and like anything else that's valuable - they get stolen! If your domain gets stolen WHOIS records will change & SmartMonitor will let you know! So you'll still have enough time to contact the domain registrar and get the domain back.

NS Records 2

NS Records

By modifying NS records, bad people can redirect your emails, spoof your entire website or simply redirect it to a new server. Changes can be very subtle, and it may take days until you discover them. Unless you have SmartMonitor - in that case, you'll know in minutes.

Google SafeSearch 3

Google SafeSearch

You've certainly seen the dreaded red screen of death. A warning to all visitors stating that your site has been infected by malware and is not safe. There's nothing worse than loosing visitor's trust. SmartMonitor will help you to react faster & get the site cleaned up.

Server Status 4

Server Status

Numerous things can go wrong with a server. From short-term hiccups to serious hardware failures. Whatever happens, your goal is to minimize the downtime by addressing the problem as early as possible. That's why you need SmartMonitor - to let you know the second your server goes down.

Core WordPress Files 5

Core WordPress Files

By powering more than 25% of the web WordPress is getting serious attention from hackers. One of their favorite methods is modifying core WP files without you even knowing it and injecting various malicious code. If they touch even one core file and change as much as one byte you'll immediately get a notification.

Site Content 6

Site Content

We're all humans, and we make mistakes. Sometimes you just push the wrong button and don't realize it for hours. Maybe you accidentally put the site in maintenance mode or introduced a bug visible only to visitors. Any such unusual changes in the content are immediately reported.

Don't be a victim!

SmartMonitor is created to keep you informed, safe & online 24/7

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Complete monitoring solution for only $4.89 /m

All plans include priority, USA based email support from developers. We do not outsource our support!

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What our customers say

On the fence? Don't know if SmartMonitor is the right tool for your business? See what others have to say.

A must-have tool for any serious site

"While your site is down, you'll be losing sales. But that's nothing compared to trust your visitors lost when they saw a white screen or a hacked homepage instead of your store. It may be inevitable that you get hacked, but it certainly makes a difference if you react 5 minutes after it happens, and SmartMonitor lets you know, or hours later when people start tweeting about it."

Sean Donahoe
Internet Marketing Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please don't hassitate to email us.

Will SmartMonitor slow my site down?

Absolutely not! Monitoring is handled off-site and does not affect the server's performance. Tasks done on your site take up an unnoticeable amount of resources.

Does it work with my theme / plugins?

Sure! SmartMonitor is compatible with all themes and plugins. It's completely independant and only relies on WordPress to function properly.

Does it fix problems when my site goes down?

No, SmartMonitor is a reporting only tool. It won't modify your site in any way. Regardless of it being down or not.

Is this just an uptime monitor?

No, SmartMonitor is much more than an uptime monitor. Although uptime is one of the things it reports on it's only a fraction of what it does. Uptime monitors only test if the site is "alive". They don't test the site content nor they check if the NS records are for instance pointing at the right server. SmartMonitor does all of that and a lot more.

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